We present the activities carried out by the ODA Foundation from Lublin (Poland) and its partners, aimed at education, popularization and promotion of blues music. Our main project’s are: Chatka Blues Festival (an international festival with the participation of musicians from the US and Europe – the biggest blues event in Lublin, held annually in autumn), Lublin Blues Session (cyclical artistic and educational activities carried out in various places in Lublin throughout the year). See photo gallery. We also realize single concerts and blues events held in our region.

We also organize many educational activities. The most important of these are: Video education (we realize and we publish a short educational videos on the subject of blues), Blues in the school (the educational programme, under which there were concerts and music videos with young people from primary school No 6 in Lublin), Exhibitions (photographs, paintings, drawings, collector’s souvenirs concerning blues), as well as Workshops, Meetings, Music Publishers.

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Adam Bartoś
Artistic director
phone: (+48) 607 508 730

website: adam-bartos.com

Please send concert offers only to this e-mail address: scenabluesowalublin@gmail.com